Film Adult Gay Megavideo Where Can I Find "On The Rocks" (gay Adult Film) W/ Jeff Stryker?

Where can I find "On The Rocks" (gay adult film) w/ Jeff Stryker? - film adult gay megavideo

I can not be found. Does anybody know where I can an original or a copy? Moreover, not all of which you can copy for me? I pay for an original or a copy if someone has one. Thank you!


ShinyThi... said...

Unfortunately, I must say that you can not really help, and I doubt that anyone on Yahoo Can.

The problem with this and other classic porn is that everyone on VHS and some of them were manufactured by companies that can afford to publish it on DVD.

I can only recommend looking for craigslist in your area or if you are a member of a gay site ( or adam4adam or something like that) just asked for.

You will not find anyone with it and also to see porn sites in the ancient trading route, I could not be found, dealing with VHS.

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